Special Event and Volunteer Coordinator

Special Event and Volunteer Coordinator


Salary: $29,000 to $33,000

Job Description:

Responsible for all aspects of special event activities and volunteer program.


1.         Manage all aspects of special events

·        Develop and monitor comprehensive event time lines, budgets, marketing/PR plans, and evaluation plans

·        Recruit sponsorships for events

·        Develop partnerships for reducing costs for supplies and maximizing attendance

·        Recruit, train and run the volunteer event committee in planning and carrying out the event

·        Coordinate all event designs work and ensure all event mailing are delivered on schedule

·        Develop a fun and interactive social media plan to encourage attendance and support

2.         Manage all areas of large volunteer program

·        Recruit, train and support all volunteers

·        Manage and maintain the volunteer data base, including tracking accurate hours of time worked

·        Recruit and coordinate all interns and work with their appropriate university supervisor and program manager to ensure we meet the objectives of the internship

·        Hold bimonthly orientations for new volunteers

·        Attend volunteer fairs to promote the program

·        Join community partner volunteer groups to enhance and promote program and agency

·        Develop and coordinate a volunteer appreciation program


1)     2 years’ experience in event planning

2)    2 years’ experience in working with volunteer

3)    Excellent writing and verbal communication skills

4)    Demonstrated time management skills

5)    Must be extremely social and enjoy working with diverse populations

Location: Salt Lake City

Status: Full Time with benefits

How to Apply:

Email or Fax resume and cover letter to: Teresa Hyatt, Chief Financial Officer

Email address: Teresa.Hyatt@Utahaids.org

Fax: 801-486-3978

Closing Date: 07/23/2017