COVID-19: What people with HIV should know

For additional information regarding COVID-19 considerations for people living with HIV please follow the link below for up to date information from the CDC.


ADAP/ Ryan White Program client considerations:

  • Have extra medication on hand, remember to fill on the 23rd day of month or as soon as your insurance allows.
  • Try to fill by mail order if your pharmacy and insurance allows.
  • If you are on the Ryan White Program please remember to recertify on time keep in touch with your Case Manager and Benefits Specialist and make them aware of any changes.
  • If you become unemployed and lose your insurance please notify a Benefits Specialist or your Case Manager immediately.
  • Remember to apply for Medicaid and report your application date to a Benefits Specialist, Ryan White is the payor of last resort and will not cover medical expenses if you are medicaid eligible.


COVID-19 & HIV Resources: