Educational Presentations

Presentations are available for schools, detention centers, businesses, and community organizations.

  • Our most popular presentation is what we call "HIV 101" and gives a basic understanding of HIV infection and transmission, how to reduce your risk, and how thedisease progresses once an infection has occurred.
  • Another popular presentation is to have a person living with HIV come and talk about his/her individual experience with the disease.

Educational presentations can take a number of different forms, and can be customized for your group. We can focus on HIV prevention, treatment and care, awareness and compassion, or anything else you‘d like. We have many trained volunteers who are able to give presentations anywhere throughout the state of Utah.

For more information, or to schedule an educational presentation, please contact us at (801) 487-2323 or (800) 865-5004. You can also email us for more information.

Check out the teaching materials from our Resource Library. We have many teaching aids and web links that you can use to give your own presentations.