Mental Health Services-COMING SOON

In response to the persistent need for increased access to behavioral health for those living with HIV in Utah, starting July 1, 2021, the Utah AIDS Foundation will be expanding its services to include long-term mental health counseling for individuals living with HIV.  The Mental Health Services program is the first new service branch the foundation has added to its programming in over a decade which highlights the critical thought and work put into building a sustainable program that meets the needs of our clients and people living with HIV statewide. This program will provide people living with HIV, an extremely marginalized population, individualized long-term mental health therapy that has

never been offered in Utah specifically for this population.

Utah AIDS Foundation has a long history of helping those living with and impacted by HIV to stay engaged in medical care, adhere to medication, housed, and fed. The new Mental Health Services program will build upon existing programming to go even further to meet the needs of a population that faces very high barriers to accessing mental healthcare. The new program will focus on therapy as a mode of addressing our clients’ critical needs as well as work to address the many lifelong trauma and challenges that we are all so intimately familiar with, in order to improve clients’ long-term health outcomes and overall well being.  

Counseling will take place at Utah AIDS Foundation and be open to all people living with HIV in Utah. With appointments being conducted both in-person and virtually. We are overwhelmed by the initial program support, with the new Mental Health Services program has received funding support from government organizations, private foundations, and corporate foundation funds. 

Please check back soon for more information.